Glenn Beck covers his face in Cheetos dust to mimic Donald Trump

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Washington (CNN)Talk about a dust-up!

Conservative activist and Ted Cruz ally Glenn Beck mocked Donald Trump on Friday by rubbing his face in Cheetos dust to emulate the Republican front-runner.
    “After seeing Donald Trump on television, we thought if you wore the swim goggles and you stuck your face in Cheetos — crushed Cheetos — that you would look just like Donald Trump in the end,” Beck said Friday on his radio show, “The Glenn Beck Program.”
    Beck crushed several flavors of Cheetos — including Flamin’ Hot and Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeo — and continually asked if he looked like Trump.
    “You are almost a twin, a doppleganger, if you will,” co-host Pat Gray said, according to a YouTube video posted by Right Wing Watch.
    “You know, it does look like Donald Trump dips his face in Cheetos dust,” co-host Steve Burguiere added.
    Beck attacked Trump repeatedly in January when he endorsed Cruz and said the Republican Party needs to elect a candidate with principles.
    “It’s not somebody who’s got a lot of strip clubs and casinos. It’s a guy who stands on his principles relentlessly,” Beck said at the time.
    He also said Trump needed to “apologize” to the conservative movement for being arrogant, self-centered and for clashing with the tea party.
    “The man owes America an apology, and he should ask conservatives in America for forgiveness,” Beck said.

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