Why Choose Our SEO Agency? Because VidSonicUSA.com get's your video on 1st page on google.

My viewpoint is, VidSonicUSA isn't the main SEO Agency you've looked at, or marketing company that you have looked at. 
Give me a chance to simply come out with the simple truth of the matter…

There is no "one-size fits all" arrangement with any business. At VidsonicUSA.com our commitment is top ranking for your business.We utilize the best SEO ranking tools.In internet searcher advertising, as in life, on the off chance that you over-do it, or get languid with a percentage of the "points of interest" then months (or even years) of time, vitality and speculation can get flushed down the channel all at once…


It's likewise a continually evolving environment, where getting your site to rank in a web crawler (Google, Bing, Yahoo) requires an eagerness to dependably adjust.
This is particularly valid for a SEO Agency on the off chance that they are genuinely going to drive traffic comes about reliably.
In any case, where there is unpredictability, there is an enormous open door… that's where video comes in, you see our backlinking and indexing can rank your video quickly.
Since Google's introductory take off of the "Panda" calculation in 2011, the written work was on the divider for organizations and "SEO specialists" who were essentially simply riding the wave, and parroting popular expressions.

Quick forward to today and you will find that there are still a decent number of SEO Agencies who don't comprehend what they are doing. However, here's the thing,
in the event that you discover a SEO Agency that does know what it's doing, and in the event that they can drive results, then you can truly fabricate a fruitful business on the web.
All that really matters is getting your video on the first page of google, that's why we prefer video ranking.

SEO that brings natural indexed lists still remains the most productive inbound advertising channel for organic search, by a wide margin. Video rocks and youtube is one of the most powerful search engines on the planet. Grab one of our plans to thrust life into your campaign, get more views, be seen by the masses, hot eager credit card in hand ready customers looking for your product or service.  Our starter package is great for supporting your candidate for President, just take a short video with your cell phone, tell the voters why your candidate is best and why they need your vote and we will upload it and vault it to 1st page on google. 

How to get your video on the 1st page of google.

It dwarfs Pay Per Click advertising (think Google Adwords) and Media Buying rate of return by a variable of 5 to 10 times.

What's more, this is the thing that makes VidsonicUSA the right decision as your SEO Agency partner. We specialize in video placement. Getting your video ranked on the 1st page of google.

Not only do we give a magnificent SEO boost to your business, our office concentrates intensely on teaching and drilling our customers, solo entrepreneurs or in-house groups, in the most urgent SEO and Content Marketing Factors. Grab one of our packages to reach the 1st page on google.

How to get your video on the first page on google


We get destinations positioned app positioned appropriately, your video gets seen.
We contribute a huge amount of assets on creating web index results that make you money.
We screen what's really happening to guarantee 1st page ranking for your video.
We modify our administration and technique in like manner and, we counsel with you along the way.


Starter Plan
This is a one time fee, no monthly maintenance.

1-2 minute short video that can be done on your cell phone for your Presidential Candidate or Personal Message or Business.

Video 1st Page Ranking
Video placement on the 1st page of Google

Video placement on the 1st page of Google $1,997 set up fee x 75% off for the first 100 accounts in 2016 = $497 plus a maintenance fee monthly of $49.95 Full reports on backlinks and indexing delivered.

Web Site Full Optimization
Web site SEO climber for full web site

Web site SEO climber for full web site was $1,997. Discounted for 1st 100 accounts in 2016 = $1,205. (one time fee) Full reports of backlinks and indexing, and SEO activity.